Lip Line & Blush

Permanent make up for the lips ends the unwanted transfer of lipstick colour onto objects and people. Clients who suffer with visual impairment, and unsteady or arthritic hands find it difficult to apply topical cosmetics and so can benefit greatly.

The lip line and blush procedure adds definition and contour to the lips. We can create and enhance your cupids bow. We can banish ashy undertones in Asian lips or smokers. We can implant pigment to the upper or lower lip to create balance. More fullness and give you the perfect pout you’ve always dreamt of.

Permanent makeup is the solution for women who want to wake up with perfect make up, and have it stay perfect all day. I have been curious about semi-permanent makeup for years now. Libby was very well informed and put me at ease with any of my concerns.  I wanted the result to be a subtle enhancement rather than too obvious and was very happy with the end result.  Thank you Libby you are a true professional.”
Charlotte, London (Lip line and blush, eye lash define client)