Latest Training Day

My latest Advanced Refresher Course was so beneficial that I thought I would share my experience online.  I worked on 2 models the First Lady was a rare case – a Chinese lady who had her brows done originally in China. But they had gone red possibly due to the poor legislations in china making the pigments impure.  The iron oxide in our pigments is much purer so therefore it doesn’t discolour as much due to the European resolution legislation of 2003/2008 which states that all manufactured and sold pigments in Europe have to by law fit the requirements. I used a 1 point needle and went over very slowly in hair by hair strokes very close together using just the tip of the needle with five drops of dark cool brown and 3 drops of darkest cool brown not forgetting my 2 drops of cool brow neutraliser. We were pleased with the end result.

The second client I had was for the lips and I used a pigment I have not used before – burgundy chocolate – you should only ever use 2 drops and always with the blue lip Rec. I mixed it with 6 drops of nude soft rose and 1 drop of blue lip rectifier because one drop was enough as she was not showing any blue in her lips and we were only going to use a light pressure. I used the 3 liner as the line because the 7 power are not in use and the 5 power did not give enough precision . The 3 liner is another word for the 3 round. It’s good because its round so you don’t have to worry about the angle you use it with. My first two passes were of the line and then for the blush I did small oval circles where the needle was facing towards the line followed by large oval circles in a fluid manner and a constant pressure/rythym. I enjoyed my day but it was incredibly intense as ever.