July Guernsey Clinic

So it’s back to my beloved island for my July clinic. Lots of lovely new clients and happy 2nd time procedures. The popularity of brow enhancements is astonishing with eye procedures now becoming more and more in demand each visit.

This trip saw me do my first ever Super Ultra Thick Eyeliner which is a technically challenging procedure. Many clients who have heavy weight eyelids can benefit from this enhancement due to the fact that the skin will not over hang and hide the implanted pigment. The line is thick enough to give a beautiful and noticeable effect.

Eye lash define is fast becoming very mainstream and many clients are asking for this as a birthday present from their loved ones or just as a treat to themselves. The eyelash define really does make your eyelashes look more defined! Many clients come back to me after the first procedure asking for more pigment and a thicker line this can be done very easily and of course this is far better than them asking me to take it away!

Lip enhancements are also proving to be a beautiful addition for many clients who feel the need to add a hint of colour to their final look, ensuring that all enhancements tie in and compliment the individuals natural colourings and bring back the natural youthful blush of colour that has been lost through the ageing process.

From time to time a colour correction will present itself for my attention and this trip saw me having to rectify brows that were presenting themselves with a purple tone. Unfortunately too many permanent make up artists go over old work without neutralising it first….this will mean problems with colour that then must be rectified in order to gain a natural look once more.

I love my trips to the island and hope to be able to keep returning and maintaining all of my clients satisfaction old and new.