How Regularly do I need a Colour Boost?

The maintenance of your permanent make up is extremely important in order to maintain the fresh look that you originally had. Most clients require a colour boost every 12 – 18 months. During the Colour Boost appointment the very first thing we do is ascertain the amount of work required in order to produce the original results that were once there.

As a general rule, one colour boost appointment is all that is needed. The client should have of course been protecting their enhancement on a daily basis with sun protection. I recommend the Elizabeth Arden 50 plus , 8 hour protection stick which retails at £12 and can be used every morning. Excessive exposure to the sun will result in fading and the need for more colour boost appointments.

During the colour boost appointment we don’t generally need to change the original shape or design of the enhancement. The client will possibly want to slightly thicken the brow or lengthen it in some instances this can be possible.

The colour choice is normally the same as the original one unless a colour correction is required due to overexposure to the sun or hyper pigmented skin. In these cases we would need two appointments, the first to neutralise the colour and heal and then the second to add the original colour.

Photo Credit: nikk_la via Compfight cc