Excess Stomach Acidity

Our stomach produces acid to digest the food that we eat. This is a regular and natural process. Whenever we eat, cells within the lining of the stomach pump acid to liquefy your sumptuous dinner, from mash potatoes to a slab of steak.

Problem occurs when these cells produce large amount of acid, more than your stomach needs. When this happens, you will suffer from stomach acidity. You would know if you were suffering from stomach acidity if you feel a burning sensation just above the stomach, or right below (the hollow part) your breastbone. This is the most classic sign of acidity. … Read more →


Pilates – Controlling and Activating your Power House!

Ok so, I know I am a Yogi through and through but having recently joined the gym I have been going to a few Pilates classes to see what it is all about. I know that Pilates is supposed to strengthen the core and so with my work I have to have a strong core otherwise I can suffer with my back at times. I have been to a few classes now and am slowly, slowly getting to grips with the overall concept. … Read more →

Permanent Make up Artist Code of Ethics

1. Practitioners are to maintain high professional standards consistent with sound practices.
2. Practitioners are to conduct business relationships in a manner that is fair to all.
3. Practitioners will promote professionalism in the permanent cosmetic industry without discrimination against any fellow member’s background and refrain from criticising the work of fellow practitioners. … Read more →

Botox ? – mmmmmmm – Interesting.

Working in the Beauty Industry means that I come across people having Botox a lot and the clinics/Salons I work from have practitioners booked up with Botox enthusiasts most days. Here’s my low down on Botox for all those interested. … Read more →


Plastic Surgery and Permanent Makeup

Today, the choice for cosmetic surgery is a common one, whether it is to enhance a client’s current feautures or repair damage incurred from other surgeries, as is the case with a mastectomy. Cosmetic surgery is so common place in our society that people rarely flinch at the news when ‘Some one has had something done’. However people who undergo the procedure will go to great lengths to ensure the authenticity of the procedure’s outcome. A natural consequence of these procedures is scarring. For people who have had a facelift, scarring occurs around and behind the ear. For people who have had a forehead lift, scars are usually at the hairline. For women who have had breast augmentation surgery, a scar will often form around the outer edge of the areola, under the breast or in the arm pit. Wherever the scar is, or whatever the cause of the scar is, we would prefer it not be visible. This desire is especially true for people who have undergone cosmetic procedures.

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Contraindications for Permanent Make up

Candidates who are seeking permanent makeup and who may be contraindicated include people with diabetes, pregnant and lactating women, people with glaucoma and people who are taking blood thinning medicines (e.g., aspirin). People with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and undiagnosed rashes or blisters on the site that is to be treated. People with allergies to makeup or colours, and those with easily triggered postinflammatory hyperpigmentation are not good candidates. Also contraindicated are individuals who are attempting to cover or camouflage telangiectasia or birthmarks. If at all worried then a doctors note is required.


Colour Corrections

One school of thought is the best way to correct a mistake is to not make one in the first place. Although this concept sounds great in theory, it is not always possible. Colour correction is not as simple as, for example, painting a room. You cannot just slap another coat of paint on to mask it. Pigments from permanent make up will coexist in the skin. To change a colour, you will need to first neutralise it so that it can then be brought to a correctable state. This modification usually means adding a completely different colour to offset the colour irregularity. For example if you have blue but wanted brown , you will need to add mustard-coloured yellowish orange to the colour needed to achieve a brown with a strong yellowish-orange tone. If the situation is intense, the colour corrector is first tattooed into the skin and then the desired colour is implanted afterwards. For a less intense situation, the modifier is added to the desired brown tone to ensure enough of the corrector colour to counter balance the existing tone.


What is Permanent Make up and Who Benefits?

Permanent Make up is a trade, a skill, a science, and an art. Becoming accomplished as a permanent make up technician requires you to be adept in all of these areas. Permanent make up is also technique sensitive, meaning that the outcome depends on the skill level of the person performing the procedure. One technician will not necessarily be able to reproduce the results of another. The more procedures that have been done the more likely the chance will be for a positive outcome. There is only one chance to get permanent make up right.

For some people, the daily application of makeup is a routine that is too time-consuming, challenging or just inconvenient. Whether the problem is a lack of time or physical limitations, many people are turning to the application of permanent make up. It is a form of tattooing in which colour is applied, usually on the face, eyes, eye brows, lips, in as little as one or two visits, rather than the usual daily application. Doing so has many benefits, a reduction in the amount of time it takes to get ready each day is the most noticeable. Of course also, smearing, running and smudging associated with normal make up. Some one who has this procedure done can add valuable time to the day. Of course the client will also save lots of money in the replacement cost of make up.

Permanent make up is especially useful to people who have physical limitations. Because of advancing age, neurologic disorders, impaired vision, burns of the face or hands and hand injuries, the daily use of applied cosmetics can be a source of difficulty. For many of these people, the decline in their abilities to perform functions, once done without thought, becomes a source of anxiety. By having permanent make up performed, these people have the luxury of looking good without the stress associated with use of applied cosmetics.

Some of the Reasons that might lead a patient to consider permanent make up are listed below;

– Poor Vision
– Limited Time
– Limited Dexterity
– Allergies to applied cosmetics
– Active Lifestyle
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Burn Injuries
– Alopecia
– Loss of Limbs
– Paralysis of Limbs

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The Importance of Correct After Care

Correct After care for your permanent make up procedure is extremely important to achieve the best results. After the procedure you will be handed an after care leaflet. This lists all instructions needed for you to carry on looking after your brand new look from home so that you can keep looking your best every single day… after day!

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Asian Before 1-001

Things to Consider Before Having Your Procedure

During the consultation I shall take the time to communicate with you and we shall analyse your face shape, colourings and the best plan of action to fulfill your requirements. The consultation fee is £75, I understand you have already paid this so it is redeemable against the treatment which is great.

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