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Things to Consider Before Having Your Procedure

During the consultation I shall take the time to communicate with you and we shall analyse your face shape, colourings and the best plan of action to fulfill your requirements. The consultation fee is £75, I understand you have already paid this so it is redeemable against the treatment which is great.

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July Guernsey Clinic

So it’s back to my beloved island for my July clinic. Lots of lovely new clients and happy 2nd time procedures. The popularity of brow enhancements is astonishing with eye procedures now becoming more and more in demand each visit.

This trip saw me do my first ever Super Ultra Thick Eyeliner which is a technically challenging procedure. Many clients who have heavy weight eyelids can benefit from this enhancement due to the fact that the skin will not over hang and hide the implanted pigment. The line is thick enough to give a beautiful and noticeable effect.

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