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    Welcome to Perfect Creations Beauty

    Specialising in Permanent Cosmetics and Medical Micropigmentation also known as , Cosmetic Tatooing, Micropigmentation and Semi-Permanent Make up. Offering Eye Lash Enhancements, Eye Liner from fine to Ultra Thick, Eye Brow Enhancements using hair by hair simulation or Powder effect and Lip Enhancements.  Using the latest technology and hypoallergenic organic pigments. We offer Colour Boosts for maintenance, Colour and shape Corrections and Permanent Lip Liner with Blush.  We operate from London and Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

    “My main aim is to enhance the natural shape of your features  in a way that is as pain free as possible so that you are 100 percent happy with the service and results provided. I feel that Permanent Make up can be applied skillfully and colours chosen carefully in order to enhance lightly in a style that suits you. It really can frame your eyes and take years off your face, help save you money and time. I offer you my services in a discreet and hygienic environment”.  Elizabeth Warlow – founder of Perfect Creations Beauty.

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Permanent Make Up

Permanent Cosmetics (also known as Semi Permanent Make up, Micro pigmentation and Cosmetic Tattooing) allow women of all ages, and a growing number of men, to enhance and define their natural features.

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Permanent make up procedures come in many forms, depending on your needs. During your consultation we will tailor make your very own treatment plan in order to enhance your own features in the most natural way possible.

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Find a clinic

Perfect Creations operates in clinics across London and in Guernsey. For your own convenience, find a Clinic near you. Please feel free to call and make an appointment for a consultation.

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  • I overplucked my eyebrows in my early years, which left them permanently thin, shapeless and sparce. After years of daily application I considered permanent make up and I came across Libbys business card in a beauty salon. The was highly recommended by the other Ladies in the Salon. After our initial chat I was confident that I could trust Libby because she sounded calm, understood my concerns and reassured me that they would look as natural as possible. The results are amazing! I now have gorgeous eyebrows that suit the shape of my face, the colour is exactly what I had hoped for. Libby is very determined to give you the best results as she spent a long time with me just working on the template for each brow. The procedure was carried out professionally and I had no problems during the healing period after following her advice. I have the perfect brows day and night – no more pencils!

    Linda – London

  • You are an utter perfectionist! I would not trust anyone else to look after my permanent make up. I work in the field of Entertainment and so my image is everything to me. Thank you so much for looking after me so well. I will be back.

    Tamsin – London

  • I had my Eye Brows enhanced by Libby and was so happy that I then decided to have my eyes and lips done too! The best thing is that my husband has no idea because it looks so natural and I have received no end of compliments from friends. I am so happy with the results, it is exactly what I had in mind. The procedure was not painful just a little bit niggly at times…..well worth it if you ask me.

    Joanna – London

  • I recently experienced my second session of permanent make up. For those of you who may be unsure, like I was, then read on. Libby has just performed a lash enhancement and eye liner on my eyes and the result is fabulous. If you fancy waking up in the morning looking like you have just done your eyes, then this is definitely the treatment for you. The requirements are that you can be very still for a few hours as Libby’s attention to detail is amazing and she takes her time, that is just what you want when having this type of treatment. The sensation is one of a tickle rather than the scratching you can experience when having a tattoo. Following the treatment for approx 24 hours I experienced a slight puffiness on my eye lids, however as long as you carry out the after care which Libby will talk through with you then within a couple of days you will be back to normal. When you see your beautiful eyes you will definitely believe it was all worth it! I would recommend anyone to Libby for this treatment.

    Anne Holden – Cheltenham

  • I have just had permanent make up eyeliner applied and think it looks great and is so convenient not having to apply daily as I have done for years! I had been putting it off for quite a while as I was concerned that it would be painful and expensive, neither of which were true. The majority of time spent at the appointment was explaining in detail the process and then talking through what look I was aiming for. So by the time the anesthetic cream was applied, I was totally at ease and ready. The procedure didn’t take as long as I thought it would and I was on my way home before I knew it. I am looking forward to having my lips enhanced in the next few weeks.

    Julie – Guernsey

  • I am very happy with the results of my lips. They now look fuller and they healed very quickly! It is worth the money especially when done by a perfectionist with a beautiful personality.

    Lillianna Melo – Bristol

  • As a French Photographer having worked in the fashion and beauty world in Paris for 20 years, I recognise hard working People with talent and determination. This is the case with Elizabeth: she Is focused on what she does the best: permanent make-up. She is intensely concentrated, she has a falcon’s sight, plus she’s young, she has sophisticated taste, she knows what is good for her ladies clients. Elizabeth is very reliable, she is a perfectionist she is calm and she is positive. The best way to get a virtuous permanent make-up!

    Alice Odilon – London

  • I had permanent make up applied to my brows which were previously barely there. Having now had the procedure done I can honestly say a true miracle has been performed. My brows are perfect and I WILL definitely have this procedure done again. Libby thanks for everything, your skills are one in a million.

    Nadia – Birmingham

  • Libby was amazing and extremely professional, she instantly made me feel at ease. Thank you so much for giving me the brows I have always wanted!

    Angie  – London

  • Years of penciling in my eyebrows had permanently left them very sparse and out of shape, so I had been contemplating permanent makeup for a long time. As you can imagine getting a treatment that lasts this long is not something to be taken lightly, but having met Libby, I was immediately put at ease. Libby took the time to explain the procedure and when I felt comfortable to proceed. Libby began by drawing a template over my brows. Libby is definitely a perfectionist; she took her time to ensure every stroke was just right. I am absolutely ecstatic with the result, my eyebrows are beautifully reconstructed to a style and shape that suits my face. Libby is a true artist and I had complete faith and trust in her throughout the whole process. It really has been a life changing experience, my confidence is soaring and I save so much time getting ready in the mornings. Libby thank you so much…I’ll see you in 18 months for my top up!

    Marina – London